Starting a New Adventure

Well, we told the students today, so I guess that makes it “official”… This year will be my last at Centennial High School. This past Spring, my wife completed her PhD program in mechanical engineering at Iowa State University and accepted a tenure track professorship at the University of Virginia! We moved her out there at the beginning of November, where she is doing some contracted work with NASA Langley before beginning at UVA in February. Continue reading “Starting a New Adventure”

To my Republican Legislators and Friends

Dear Representatives Koester and Landin,
Dear Senator Whitver and Governer Branstad,
Dear Representative Deyoe and Senator Schultz,
Dear Iowa friends who voted for Republican state legislators in this past election,

I am writing to ask a simple question: why? What is it that we did to make you want to propose the changes you did to collective bargaining? Continue reading “To my Republican Legislators and Friends”