Performing as an Artistic Process

My course, Teaching Music in a Common Core World, through VanderCook College of Music, is continuing to progress through the National Core Music Standards. Last week, we were looking at Creating as an Artistic Process. That blog post details a lot about what NAfME and other organizations have crafted in the new Core Arts Standards. This post is a continuation along that line focusing on Performance.

This week, we were delivered the following prompt:

The reality is that the National Standards for Music Education, the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards and others are “highly recommending” that music educators include the three artistic processes into the music curricula for all music students. Write a narrative explaining in detail how you plan to incorporate “Responding” into your curriculum.

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Creating as an Artistic Process

Our course, Teaching Music in a Common Core World, is in the midst of working through the NAfME workbook: Building and Evaluating Effective Music Education in the School Ensemble. For the next few weeks, we are working through the four domains of the Danielson Framework, the system my school district uses and NAfME recommends for teacher evaluation. We are also reviewing the new National Core Music Standards as part of the process. Part of our assignment this week is to discuss the following prompt in reference to these standards:

Do you believe that all music teachers should include “Creating” in their courses? Why or why not?

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Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

For the second week of our class, we focused on Domain 1 from the Danielson Framework. Our discussion as a class revolved around music teachers being evaluated the same as classroom teachers. We also filled out parts of the NAfME Workbook pertaining to Supporting Structures, Program Expectations, and General/Collective Measures in our programs. We also received the following prompt:
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